Bear watching at salmon spawning grounds

We offer two variants of bear watching tours:

The Nachikinskoye Lake

The Nachikinskoye Lake is one of the largest high mountain lakes of the peninsular. Basin of the lake is surrounded with two converge mountain ridges: the Khalzan. Ridge from the West, the Bystrinsky Ridge from the East the highest point of which is the Vachkazhets Mountain (1556 m). A lot of rivers and brooks run into this lake, these rivers are the spawning ground for salmon — sockeye salmon, coho salmon, pink salmon and their companion — loach. It attracts a lot of bears.

Transportation: off-road automobile. It takes 2-2,5 hour to get there.
Accommodation: hunter's cabin.
Season: August, September.

The Kurilskoye Lake

It is the third large lake in Kamchatka. Surrounded with volcanoes and cut bank lines, a number of rocks covered with bushes spreading all over the lake, all of this make it one of the most beautiful and unforgettable places of Kamchatka. The Kurilskoye Lake is the largest spawning ground for precious specie of salmon in Kamchatka — sockeye salmon. For researching of it the scientific-research station TINRO is created here. During salmon spawning period a lot of bears gather on the lake banks and in the valleys.

Transportation: by helicopter. It takes 1 hour to get there.
–źccommodation: if You choose 2-3 days tour — accommodation in small cottages. We can offer You one-day excursion.
Season: July 20 — September 1.