Rafting with fishing

One-day rafting with fishing at the Bystraya/ Malkinskaya River.

Season: from the middle of July to October.

Rafting the most famous river among the tourists - the Bystraya River. There are some difficult rapids there. Rafting this river You can admire wonderful views, gather some berries and mushrooms, but the most exciting thing — you can fish 5 kg of salmon, make photos and cook it yourself.

Outfit for group is included. Fishing cordage to be personal. On the way back You'll visit Malkinskie mineral springs.

You'll know the history of mineral springs discovery, they were discovered at times of Atlasov's and Krasheninnikov's expeditions.

You'll visit some wild thermal springs, see how hot springs verge upon cold rivers. If you wish, you can swim there.

We can organize any other river rafting.