Fishing at Pymta river

Dates: July'20 - October'10.
Number of persons: up to 12.
Place: Rymta river, Sobolevo district; excursions – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Accommodation: hunting and fishing camp "Promyslovik".
Transfer: jeep/mini bus.

Pymta is a very beautiful river on the West coast of Kamchatka, more than 70 km long.

Our camp is placed in the middle on the river’s turn.

Wonderful places for fishing. If water level is high enough it's possible to move by boat.

Fishing with having fish out is carried out by license.

Our company doesn't prepare caviar and fish for taking away.

The price during all the 2017 season: 13 000₽ a day (discounts for women and children). Transfer is not included, discounts are not applied to transportation company.


  • Up to 4 persons: 25 000 ₽ (jeep);
  • 4-6 persons: 60 000 ₽ (mini bus);
  • Over 6 persons: 80 000 (bus).

Tour program:

  • Day 1 - arriving at Kamchatka, transfer to the fishing camp at Pymta river. 5 hours en route.
  • Days 2-5 - river fishing.
  • Day 6 - transfer to the city.
  • Day 7 - helicopter trip to the Valley Geysers.
  • Day 8 - jeep tour to the Mutnovsky volcano crater (any excursion from the site is possible).
  • Day 9 - sea trip with going out to the ocean, walking around the city, fish market, Pacific Ocean coast.
  • Day 10 - departing from Kamchatka.

Note: different variants of program are possible, also with excursions.

Details and prices by request.

Fishing at Pymta river
Fishing at Pymta river