City excursions
  • "History renowned pages" — walking 2-hour excursion. The history of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, its founders, heroic defense during Crimea War and monuments will be introduced to You;
  • "Petropavlovsk is a historical center of Kamchatka Region" — 2-hour bus excursion. Panoramic trip across the city with Petropavlovsk history stories, its nature, volcanoes and mountains surrounding the city, and the Avachinskaya Bay;
  • "Evening Petropavlovsk" — 2-hour bus excursion. At evening illumination You will see the cultural center of Petropavlovsk. And from the top of the city mountains You can wonder the evening Patropavlovsk panorama and the Avachinskaya Bay necklace line;
  • "Excursion to the Itelmen village Pitchmak" at the Ostraya Mountain foot — 3-5 hour bus excursion. Gests will be dropped into the center of middle century of Kamchatka, all dwellings are built in those times style. Booths are ancient dwellings of the Itelmen, near the Booth You can find the special cabin for fish drying — yukolnik, and also bonfire place, a wooden idol — the master of the Itelmen village. Gests will taste the Itelmen national cuisine. Bonus — tribal dances and songs of the creative group "Yalgoy". Shaman's rite song. Koryaks' hand-made souvenirs which are imbued with volcanoes' and Wind God's energy.